The Historic Preservation Board held its regular meeting on Monday, November 10, 2003 at the Village Hall.  The Meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM with the following members present:


PRESENT:                    Carolyne Cadwallader                ABSENT:           Hal Marshall

Martha Anne Collins                  

                                    Bob Davis

                                    Otto Paier

                                    William Tenney

                                    Steve Zelkowitz


ALSO PRESENT:           Barbara Estep, Village Clerk


Ms. Estep administered the oath to Ms. Cornell and asked the Board members if any of them had had any communications with the applicants.  Mr. Zelkowitz indicated that the Cornell’s are neighbors and he can view the property from his home.  Mr. Davis stated that he drove by the applicant’s house.




Ms. Collins suggested that the Request for Certificate of Appropriateness be heard prior to any other business taking place.  This met with the approval of the remainder of the Board.


  1. Request for Certificate of Appropriateness

Address:        431 N.E. 94th Street

Applicant:      Jerry & Suzanne Cornell

Request:        Awning Installation


Mr. Davis moved to approve the application as submitted.  Ms. Collins seconded the motion.  Ms. Cornell presented information relating to the awning installation, stating that she had not yet made a final decision on the fabric design.  She requested that the application be approved so that she could use one of the two samples provided.  The samples are Heather Beige Stripe (#4956) or Taupe Tailored Bar Stripe (#49345).  Ms. Cornell clarified that the awnings were to be installed over four doorways, two on the main house and two on the garage/guest cottage.   Following the discussion, the vote was taken which was unanimous in favor of the motion.


  1. Minutes – July 14, 2003


Mr. Zelkowitz moved to approve the July 14, 2003 Minutes as submitted.  Ms. Collins seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor.


  1. Selection of Board Chair


Ms. Collins nominated Steve Zelkowitz for Board Chair.  Mr. Davis seconded the nomination.  As there were no other nominations offered, Mr. Zelkowitz was named to be the new Chair.




1.        As attached in e-mail correspondence from William Tenney.


As outlined in Mr. Tenney’s e-mail correspondence, a number of discussion items were raised, including the Gordon cottage, the possibility of a historical display in the lobby of Village Hall, revising the “Answers to Some Questions about Historic Designation in Miami Shores” document, and the Florida Master Site File/Register of Historical Places.  The members of the Board discussed the suggested items individually with the following outcomes:


1.                    Mr. Tenney will prepare information and a sample format that if approved by the Board at the next meeting, will be displayed in the Village Hall.  

2.                    Mr. Zelkowitz will review the “Answers to Some Questions …” document for corrections and revisions, and forward the document to Ms. Estep who will then distribute to the Board for discussion at the next meeting.

3.                    Ms. Estep explained the origins of the Florida Master Site File information.


Following these discussions, the Dade Heritage walk was discussed.  Ms. Cadwallader made a motion to have the Historic Preservation Board participate in the Dade Heritage Days with a walking tour. Mr. Tenney seconded the motion.  The Board decided to contact the Trust and attempt to schedule the Village’s walk for either Saturday March 20th or Saturday March 27th.  The time and cost will be the same as last year, 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM and a cost of $15.00.  As the theme is maritime heritage, it was suggested that the walk concentrate on homes in the Bay area.  Tasks associated with the walk were discussed and the following assignments made:


            Arranging for homes to be on the tour                         -    Otto Paier


            Tour leader duties                                                      -     Bill Tenney


            Dade Heritage Trust liaison                                        -     Steve Zelkowitz


            Library & Refreshments & Ticket Sales                     -     Martha Anne Collins &

                                                                                                         Carolyne Cadwallader




The November 10, 2003 Historic Preservation Board Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.