The Miami Shores Village Historic Preservation Board held a meeting on Monday, January 12, 2004 at the Village Hall.  The meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM with the following members present:


PRESENT:           Carolyne Cadwallader

                             Martha Anne Collins

                             Bob Davis

                             Hal Marshall

                             Otto Paier

                             William Tenney

                             Steve Zelkowitz


ALSO PRESENT:        Barbara A. Estep, Village Clerk




1)  Minutes – November 10, 2003 Meeting


Ms. Collins moved approval of the November 10, 2003 Meeting Minutes as submitted.  Mr. Marshall seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor.


2)    Discussion regarding plans for the historic home tour.


Board Members offered updates on the progress made with respect to coordinating the tour.  Mr. Paier provided information on prospective homes that could be contacted about having their homes included on the tour.   Board Members praised Mr. Paier’s efforts in gathering and organizing the information presented.  It was the consensus of the Board to concentrate on homes along N.E. 95th and 96th Streets between the Bay and N.E. 10thAvenue for this year’s tour.  Ms. Estep will forward homeowner names and telephone numbers (when available) to Mr. Paier so that he can contact the residents and determine their interest level.


3)  Discussion regarding Village Property


Mr. Tenney provided background information regarding the property loaned to resident Max Sturman.  Mr. Zelkowitz reviewed the information and suggested that the issue be discussed with the Village Attorney.  Ms. Estep stated that she would forward the information along and report back to the Board once the attorney had looked into the issue.  It was the consensus of the Board to have the property returned to the Village for inclusion in the archive collection housed at the Brockway Memorial Library.


Mr. Tenney submitted an example of what might be appropriate to have on display in the Village Hall lobby.  Board Members viewed the example favorably and suggested that once approval was given by the Village Manager and Village Attorney, the sample be enlarged to poster-size and placed on an easel in the Village Hall lobby.


Ms. Estep reminded the Board Members that the next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 9, 2004 at 7:30 PM.




The January 12, 2004 meeting of the Historic Preservation Board was adjourned at 8:28 PM.