The Miami Shores Village Historic Preservation Board held a meeting on Monday, April 12, 2004 at the Village Hall.  The meeting was called to order at 7:33 PM with the following members present:


PRESENT:                   Carolyne Cadwallader                             Otto Paier

                                    Martha Anne Collins                               William Tenney

                                    Bob Davis                                              Steve Zelkowitz

                                    Hal Marshall


ALSO PRESENT:             Barbara Estep, Village Clerk




1)     Minutes – March 8, 2004 Meeting


Ms. Cadwallader moved to approve the March 8, 2004 Meeting Minutes.  Mr. Tenney seconded the motion.  Mr. Paier pointed out that a neighboring community’s home tour was reported in error as the Morningside neighborhood rather than the Bayshore community.  With the correction noted, the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.


2)     Discussion and possible action regarding request by Mr. and Mrs. Orrin MacDonell to de-designate their home located at 9760 N.E. 5th Avenue.


Mr. Zelkowitz reviewed the background information related to the item and referred Board Members to the materials which had been included in the agenda packet.  Board Members discussed their views on the request and expressed their conflicting views on the principle of de-designation versus the applicant’s financial hardship and property insurance dilemma.  They spoke of future implications of allowing de-designations, and the lack of any guidelines or criteria contained in the Code of Ordinances.  Mr. Davis, voicing his opinion that the Village’s historic designation program is a voluntary one, moved to recommend de-designation of the house.  Mr. Tenney agreed with Mr. Davis and seconded the motion.   The roll call vote was as follows:

Bob Davis – Yes, Martha Anne Collins – No, Bill Tenney – Yes, Otto Paier – No, Hal Marshall – No, Carolyn Cadwallader – No, Steve Zelkowitz – Yes.  The motion failed with a vote of 3 in favor of the motion and 4 against the motion. 


As the motion failed, Board Members continued to discuss the issue and alternatives that were available to them regarding forwarding the item to the Council.  Following this discussion, Ms. Cadwallader moved to reconsider the action taken by the Board.  Mr. Davis seconded the motion to reconsider and the vote was unanimous in favor.


Additional discussion ensued regarding the Board’s concerns related to Mr. MacDonell’s financial hardship and attempts to obtain insurance and the fact that the Code of Ordinances does not address de-designations.  A number of Board Members expressed their belief that the fact that the Code does not have a provision for de-designation could prohibit the Board from taking any action on the request.  Board Members spoke of how the Council might perceive their lack of a recommendation if they chose to send the issue to the Council with “no recommendation”.  Ms. Estep advised the Board that she would detail the discussions and the Board’s concerns in the Meeting Minutes.  Subsequent to these discussions, Mr. Davis moved to send the request for de-designation to the Village Council with no recommendation from the Historic Preservation Board.  Ms. Collins seconded the motion.  The roll call vote was as follows:  Bob Davis – Yes, Martha Anne Collins – Yes, Bill Tenney – No, Carolyne Cadwallader – Yes, Hal Marshall – Yes, Otto Paier – No, Steve Zelkowitz – No.  The motion passed by a 4 – 3 margin.


Ms. Collins then moved to ask the Council to task staff with researching whether there is a proper process for de-designating a historical home.  Mr. Marshall seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor.


Resident Joan Mueller was in attendance and requested time to present an item to the Board regarding a war memorial for WWII Veteran’s.  Mr. Zelkowitz stated that although the Board has no authority to assist Ms. Mueller, he would allow her five minutes to make a presentation.  Mr. Mueller advised the Board that she is the new Commander for Post 125 of the American Legion and she would like the Board to consider replacing a war memorial which had been destroyed in a car accident many years ago.  She stated that the names of the service people that had been on the monument should be engraved on the replacement. The Board reiterated that they had no authority to consider such a request nor did the Board have funds to assist in paying for the monument.  Ms. Mueller stated that if the Board could not assist in funding for the monument, could the Board then find a spot where she could place the monument and the Village takecare of the maintenance.   Board Members indicated that they were not opposed to the concept of the monument but that they were not in a position that they could help Ms. Mueller with her request. 


Following a lengthy discussion, Mr. Marshall moved to support the concept of the project.  Mr. Tenney seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor.  The Board advised Ms. Mueller that she needed to speak with the Village Manager, Mr. Benton, regarding her request.


Mr. Zelkowitz thanked the members of the Board for their work on the recent home tour.




The April 12, 2004 Historic Preservation Board Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.