Code Enforcement Minutes - October 4, 2018




  Thursday, October 4, 2018 



  The meeting of the Miami Shores Village Code Enforcement Board was held on Thursday October 4, 2018, at the Miami Shores Village Hall. The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm. by Chairman, Robert Smith. 


Roll Call.



Present: Mr. Robert Vickers, Mr. Patrick Huber, Mr. Rod Buenconsejo, Chairman Robert Smith, In at 6:10 PM - Mr. Ronnie Guillen.



Absent: Ms. Gladys Coia 



Will everyone that is going to testify tonight please raise your right hand and swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


In Attendance 


Michael Bild, Assistant Village Attorney

Lazaro Remond, Code Compliance Director

Michael Orta, Code Compliance Officer

Mariana Gracia, Code Enforcement Secretary 





Summary Adjudication for 1stHearings:Case(s): 3-18-17547; 4-18-17588; 8-18-18258; 8-18-18341; 8-18-18347; 4-18-17576; 6-18-17973.

The officer, Lazaro Remond, testified that Affidavits of Non-Compliance and evidence of violation exists in each of the files.

Discussion took place about case #5-17-16472 what is the hazardous condition. Mr. Orta said that it is the sidewalks in disrepair. Case #3-18-17483 what is the unsightly house exterior. Mr. Remond explained the violation detail.



Motion:I move for summary adjudication of all such cases to include a finding of fact and conclusion of law that a violation exists as charged in the respective notice of violations issued therein and that, in each such case, the offending party shall correct the violation within time period specified and immediately notify the Code Enforcement Officer when the property is brought into compliance. In each such case, if the violation is not brought into compliance within such time period, the Code Enforcement Officer may report this fact back to the Board in accordance with the Board’s Rules and Regulations at which time a fine is hereby authorized to be automatically assessed against the violator. In the respective daily amounts specified in staff’s recommendations for tonight’s hearing, retroactive to the original compliance deadline. Further, with respect to each such case, costs in the amounts specified in Staff’s recommendations for tonight’s hearings are hereby assessed in order to recoup the Village’s expenses in prosecuting the violations to date.”



Moved by Mr. Patrick Huber, seconded by Mr. Rod Buenconsejo

Vote: Motion was approved 4-0



The officer, Mike Orta, testified that Affidavits of Non-Compliance and evidence of violation exists in each of the files. 




Summary Adjudication for Penalty Hearings:Case #’s: 2-18-17402; 6-18-17941; 6-18-17944; 6-18-17945; 6-18-17991; 7-18-18083.

The officer, Mike Orta, testified that Affidavits of Non-Compliance and evidence of violation exists in each of the files.



Motion:I move that, in each case currently remaining on the penalty docket for tonight’s hearing, each respective violator be ordered to pay the daily fine previously adjudicated and authorized to be imposed against them by prior order of the Board, retroactive from the day the violation was to have been corrected, that upon recording, the Board’s Order in this regard will constitute a lien on the property of the violator.


 Moved by Mr. Patrick Huber seconded by Ms. Robert Vickers

Motion carries 4-0




Case(s): 3-13-11068; 3-13-11074; 12-13-12177; 2-13-10884; 5-14-12739.

Owner: Provident Funding Associates LP

Abbie Salt, Esq.

Address: 165 NW 96 Street  


Attorney Abby Salt was present and proceeded to present her case for the Relief to be accepted. She mentioned that her Client had lost a lot of money in the process of this foreclosure. Ms. Salt said that the house had to be completely renovated in order for her Client to be able to sell now. Her Client has a family that is eager to move in to Miami Shores.


Motion: That upon receipt of $14,000.00 payable within 60 days that the liens be released.

Moved by Mr. Patrick Huber, seconded by Rod Buenconsejo

Vote: Motion Passed 5-0

Yes: Mr. Patrick Huber, Mr. Ronnie Guillen, Mr. Rod Buencosejo, Mr. Robert Vickers, Chairman Robert Smith.




Minutes for September 6, 2018

Motion to approve the September 6, 2018 minutes as amended, Made by Mr. Patrick Huber, seconded by Mr. Rod Buenconsejo, and the Motion passed 5-0.


DISCUSSION: Lazaro Remond, Code Compliance Director gave a brief overview of the new EnerGov program implementation in our department. 




The next meeting will be on November 1, 2018



October 4, 2018 Code Board meeting adjourned.



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Lazaro Remond, Code Compliance Director                              Robert Smith, Chairman