Thursday May 5th 2011

ThemeetingoftheMiamiShoresVillageCodeEnforcementBoardwasheldonThursday May 5,2011,attheMiamiShoresVillageHall.Themeetingwascalledtoorderat6:00

p.m. by Chairman, Robert Vickers






Robert Vickers, Chairman

Barry Perl

Rod Buenconsejo

John Patnik

Barry Asmus Robert Swan

Manny Quiroga (arrived at 6:25pm)

RichardSarafan,VillageAttorney MikeOrta,CodeEnforcementOfficer

Anthony Flores, Code Enforcement Officer Valerie Bierley, Clerk




All witnesses were sworn in by the Village Attorney, Mr. Sarafan


Case: 4-11-8361

Owner:Kellyn Narona,JerryPennington Address:243NE103St.

Section: 6-4(a)

Violations: Unauthorized Construction/ Expired permit(s)

Theofficer,AnthonyFlores,explainedthenatureoftheviolationandtestifiedthatthe violationexistedonthepropertyandwouldlikearepeatorder.Mr.Penningtonwasthere topresentthecase.FollowingdiscussionbytheBoard,Mr.Swanmovedtotablethiscase untilthenextmeeting,June2,2011.Mr.Buenconsejosecondedthemotion.Thevotewas infavorofthemotion5-1.Mr.Asmusvotedno.

Case: 4-11-8362

Owner:Kellyn Narona,JerryPennington Address:243NE103St.

Section: 501(k) 10-1

Violations: Unauthorized Storage of materials

CodeEnforcementBoard                                                                                                                            May 5,2011

The officer, Anthony Flores, explained the nature of the violation and testified that the violationexistsontheproperty.Mr.Penningtonwastheretopresentthecase.Following discussionbytheBoard,Mr.Perlmovedforafindingoffactandaconclusionoflawthata violationexistsaccordingtoSection(s)501(k)10-1oftheMiamiShoresVillageCode.The violatorshallcorrecttheviolationbyJune1, 2011and immediatelynotifytheCode EnforcementOfficer.Iftheviolatorhasnotcorrectedtheviolationbythespecifiedtime, theCodeEnforcementOfficeristouseathisdiscretionwhetherornottoextendthedate. TheCodeEnforcementOfficermayalsoreportbacktotheboardandtheboardmaythen assessafineagainsttheviolatorintheamountof$50.00perdaythereafter. Thiswill constitutealienonthepropertyoftheviolator.Costsintheamountof$30.00perviolation wereassessedtorecoupthe Village'sexpensesinprosecutingtheviolationstodate.Mr. Buenconsejosecondedthemotion.Thevotewasunanimousinfavorofthemotion6-0.

Summary Adjudication For 1 st Hearings:

Case #'s: 1-11-8091; 12-10-8001; 12-10-8042; 2-11-8130; 2-11-8167; 2-11-8168; 2-11-

8227; 2-11-8235; 2-11-8245; 3-11-8265; 3-11-8274; 3-11-8277; 3-11-8280; 3-11-8314; 3-

11-8315; 3-11-8340; 4-11-8364; 4-11-8372; 4-11-8377; 4-11-8378; 4-11-8381; 4-11-8382;

4-11-8385; 4-11-8386; 4-11-8387; 4-11-8388; 4-11-8389; 4-11-8391; 4-11-8392; 4-11-

8393; 4-11-8394; 4-11-8397; 4-11-8400; 4-11-8401; 4-11-8402; 4-11-8403; 4-11-8404; 4-

11-8405; 4-11-8406; 4-11-8407; 4-11-8408; 4-11-8411; 4-11-8413; 4-11-8414; 4-11-8418;

4-11-8419; 4-11-8421; 4-11-8422; 4-11-8424; 7-10-7417

ChairmanVickersreadeachcaseandaddressintotherecordandaskedifanyoneelsewas present. No one waspresent.

Theofficer,AnthonyFlores,testifiedthatAffidavitsofNon-Complianceandevidenceof violationexistsineachofthefiles.

Mr.Buenconsejomadeamotionforasummaryadjudicationofallsuchcasestoincludea findingoffactandconclusionoflawthataviolationexistsaschargedintherespective noticeofviolationsissuedthereinandthat,ineachcase,theoffendingpartywillcorrectthe violationbyJune1,2011andwillimmediatelynotifythecodeenforcementofficerwhen thepropertyisbroughtintocompliance.Ineachsuchcase,iftheviolationisnotbrought into compliance within such time periods, the code enforcement officer may report this backtotheBoardinaccordancewiththeBoard'srulesandregulationsatwhichtimeafine is hereby authorized to be automatically assessed against the violator in the amountof

$50.00adaythereafterandalsoa$30.00staffsadministrativefee.Mr.Perlsecondedthe motion.Thevotewasunanimousinfavorofthemotion6-0.


Summary  Adjudication:

Case #'s 11-10-7900; 1-11-8057; 1-11-8109; 12-10-8027; 2-11-8119; 2-11-8122; 2-11-

8134; 2-11-8192; 2-11-8193; 2-11-8196; 2-11-8197; 2-11-8198; 2-11-8199; 2-11-8200; 2-

11-8209; 2-11-8242; 3-11-8266; 3-11-8290; 3-11-8349;  9-10-7736;

CodeEnforcementBoard                                    2                                                                      May 5,2011

Chairman Vickers read each case and corresponding address into the record to verify whether or not anyone was present to address the Board. As neither the individual property owners nor their representatives were present for the hearing, Mr. Flores confirmed that all case files contained appropriate affidavits attesting to the fact that violations still exist subsequent to the ordered compliance dates and that individuals have not contacted the Code Enforcement Department.

Mr. Swan moved for a summary adjudication of all such cases currently remaining on the penalty docket for tonight's hearing, and that each respective violator be ordered to pay the daily fine previously adjudicated and authorized to be imposed against them by prior order of the Board, retroactive to the date the violation was to have been corrected and upon recording, the Board's order in this regarding will constitute a lien against the property of the violator. Mr. Perl seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion6-0.


Case: 2005-06445; 2006-07256

Owner: Mario Rodriguez Address: 1020 NE 99 St.

Mr. Rodriguez was there to present the case. The board asked several questions and after a discussion, Mr. Rodriguez proposed to pay $9,000.00 within 60 days. Mr. Perl moved to accept the proposed amount for release of the above referenced property only,and Mr. Buenconsejo seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous in favor of the motion 6-0.

Case: 9-10-7755

Owner: Marie Michel and Marie Ducheine Address: 9414 NW 2 Ct.

Mrs. Ducheine was there to present the case. The board asked several questions and after a discussion, Mrs. Ducheine proposed to pay $150.00 within 30 days. Mr. Buenconsejo moved to accept the proposed amount for release of the above referenced property only,andMr.Perlsecondedthemotion.Thevotewasunanimousinfavorofthemotion7-0.

Case: 2006-06908; 5-07-2037; 6-09-5775; 6-09-5776

Owner: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA Address: 5 NW 106 St.

Mr. Taylor was there to present the case. The board asked several questions and after a discussion, Mr. Taylor proposed to pay $10,000.00 within 30 days. Mr. Quiroga moved toaccept the proposed amount for release of the above referenced property only, and Mr.  Swan seconded the motion. The vote was in favor of the motion 4-3.  Mr.  Asmus, Mr.Quiroga and Mr.  Buenconsejo votedno.

Case: 1-07-1473; 5-09-5727; 5-09-5728; 5-09-5729

Owner: Benchy Pillipeaux Address: 11028 NW 2 Ave.

Mrs. Phillipeaux was there to present the case. The board asked several questions and after adiscussion,Mrs.Phillipeauxproposedtopay$600.00within45days.Mr.Swanmovedto

CodeEnforcementBoard                                                  3                                                                       May 5, 2011

accept the proposed amount for release of the above referenced property only with the provisionthefinancefeesarepaid,andMr.Quirogasecondedthemotion.Thevotewas notinfavorofthemotion5-2.Mr.Asmus,Mr.Patnik,Mr.Perl,Mr.Buenconsejoand Chairman Vickers votedno.

Case: 1-10-6605; 1-10-6606; 2-09-5385; 2-09-5402

Owner: Jenner Philizaire Address: 10904 NW 2 Ave.

Mrs.Philiziarewastheretopresentthecase.Theboardaskedseveralquestionsandaftera discussion,Mrs.Philizaireproposedtopay$500.00within30days.Theofferwasdenied duetolackofmotion.

Case: 2-10-6754

Owner:KevinLescottLyttleCombsandJacquelineJames Address:5NW106St.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyttle-Combs were there to present the case. The board askedseveral questionsandafteradiscussion,Mr.andMrs.Lyttle-Combsproposedtopay$500.00 within30days.Mr.Quirogamovedtoaccepttheproposedamountforreleaseof theabove referencedpropertyonly,andMr.Swansecondedthemotion.Thevotewasinfavorofthe motion5-2.Mr.AsmusandMr.Buenconsejovotedno.

Case: 7-08-4492; 7-08-4493; 2-10-6757

Owner: Katherine Castellon Address: 456 NE 102 St.

Mrs.Castellonwastheretopresentthecase.Theboardaskedseveralquestionsandaftera discussion,Mrs.Castellonproposedtopay$200.00within30daysforthereleaseofthe property in North Miami only. Mr. Quiroga moved to accept the proposed amount for releaseof thereferencedpropertyinNorthMiamionly.Mr.Swansecondedthemotionthe votewasinfavorofthemotion6-1.Mr.Perlvotedno.


Mr. Asmus moved to approve March 3rd, 2011 and April ?11\ 2011 minutes Mr. Perl seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion 7-0.







May 5th 2011 Code Board meeting was adjourned.

ValerieBierley,Clerk                                                                     Robert Vickers,Chairman

CodeEnforcementBoard                                                      4                                                                       May 5, 2011