†† Planning Board Staff Report




Miami Shores Village Town Hall  Council Chambers  10050 NE 2nd Avenue  Miami Shores

Hearing Date

May 27, 2010

Meeting Time

7:00 P.M.

File Number


Folio Number



Shore Square Investments LLC, 3850 Bird Road, Ste 800, Miami FL 33146


TD Bank NA


Erik Wilczek P.E.

Property Address

9005 Biscayne Boulevard

Legal Description


Property Size-Sq Ft


Building Adjusted Sq Ft

6,623, existing

Flood Zone





Future Land Use Designation

General Commercial

Existing Use

Commercial / Strip Mall

Comprehensive Plan Consistency


Existing Structure

1-story; N/A bed/ N/A bath

Year Built




Special Approvals, Sections 600 & 523:

Site Plan Approval, Sec. 523.1 & Sec. 604: Construction, new building, change of use retail to bank, and site plan review.

Action Required

Approve, Approve with Conditions, or Deny the application

Other Required Approvals

Village Building Permits

Miami-Dade WASD

DERM Tree Removal Permit

Staff Report

David A. Dacquisto AICP, Director, Planning and Zoning

Report Date

May 6, 2010



New Information


The application was previously before the board on April 22, 2010.


At that time the board asked for additional information and requested that the Miami Shores Village police chief be further consulted.


Staff met with Chief Lystad and a representative of TD Bank to go over the boardís concerns.


  1. The board asked TD Bank to consider installing a solid wall along NE 90th Street to screen the ATM area from the street.  It is Chief Lystadís belief that a fence and landscaping along NE 90th Street would create hiding spots for people looking to commit a crime.  It would also make it harder for police or witnesses to see a crime taking place at the ATM.
  2. The chief again stated his desire for cameras at the entrance of the ATM area that would provide a profile of people entering the ATM vestibule.  TD agreed.
  3. Staff and the chief stated their desire for additional exterior cameras to record activity around the bank.  TD agreed.
  4. The chief asked for 24 hour surveillance and TD Bank will provide documentation on the hours of camera operation.
  5. The board was concerned that some might use the lane between the bank and neighboring building to hang out.  The chief believes that the key is lighting and that people are not likely to hang out in a well lit area.
  6. TD Bank will add speed bumps to the parking lot drive lanes to slow traffic.
  7. TD Bank has moved the marked pedestrian crossing.


The conditions have been amended accordingly.




The Shore Square Plaza is a strip mall on Biscayne Boulevard consisting of 4 parcels including a standalone Burger King and a standalone Blockbuster.  The Blockbuster parcel is adjacent to Biscayne Boulevard and at the corner with NE 90th Street.  The entire property has always been considered one plot for planning purposes.


NE 90th Street is a southerly boundary for Miami Shores.  The property to the south of the plot is located within unincorporated Miami Dade.  The property to the south of the subject site is zoned commercial and is improved with a commercial use.


The applicant TD Bank proposes to demolish the Blockbuster and build a new standalone bank building.


The bank would be accessible from an existing curb cut on Biscayne Boulevard.


The proposed bank building is 3,964 square feet in area and will replace an existing 6,623 square foot building.


The proposed bank does not face Biscayne Boulevard directly and would be oriented the same as the existing Blockbuster on an angle to Biscayne Boulevard.


The bank is concrete with large window walls on the front and west elevations facing Biscayne Boulevard.


The front of the bank has a second door to access an ATM vestibule.  The ATM vestibule will be accessible after bank hours with the use of a bank ATM card.  The ATM machine is set at a 90 degree angle to the door and the ATM and customer will be visible thorough a window wall at the front of the bank.


The bank building is set back approximately 90 feet from Biscayne Boulevard.  The zoning code requires a 25 foot setback on Biscayne Boulevard, all other setbacks are to be determined by the Planning Board as part of site plan review.  The proposed bank building is located approximately 15 feet from the easterly side of the bank parcel.  The side line divides the drive-thru exit lane.


A 5 foot landscape strip is provide as required to screen the parking area.  A landscape plan has been provided that shows ample landscaping around the building and parking area.  The landscaping screens the drive-thru and may block the view from the street to the ATM to some extent.


The bank would have 3 drive-thru lanes located at the rear of the bank and next to NE 90th Street.  An ATM is located in the lane closest to the bank building. Each lane has stacking for 4 vehicles.  The bank does not provide a bypass lane on site as generally required of banks.  There is an entrance/exit on NE 90th Street that may be used to exit the site and that may substitute as a bypass lane to exit the site should a patron decide not to go through one of the drive-thru teller lanes.


The drive-thru has a canopy with approximately 12 feet of clearance.  The canopy is set back approximately 10 feet from the plot line along NE 90th Street.


Shore Square has always been treated as one plot for the purposes of calculating parking requirements.  Shore Square has 264 parking spaces.  There are 2 handicap parking spaces in front of the Blockbuster now.  The bank will provide 2 handicap parking spaces.  A standalone bank would require 16 parking spaces.  There are 24 parking spaces on the bank site.


The minimum light standard for parking lots is 2 foot candles.  The lighting plan for TD Bank shows lighting around the building that exceeds the minimum standard.


Security cameras cover the ATM vestibule in the front of the building and the drive-thru teller lands and ATM at the rear of the building.




The proposed bank has approximately 150 feet of frontage providing for approximately 450 square feet of signage.  The bank proposes 3 TD Bank signs.  The front, north face, would have a 23.5 square foot sign.  The rear, south face, would have a 34 square foot sign.  The west, Biscayne elevation would have a 34 square foot sign.  There is 91 square feet of signage on the window.  This does not include window posters that generally appear on bank windows.  All signs whether fixed to the building or taped to the inside of a window are counted towards the sign allocation.  The maximum window coverage for signs should not exceed 10 percent.





Landscaping meets the requirements of the zoning code and the Miami Dade landscape ordinance.


Setbacks except for the front yard setback on Biscayne Boulevard are established at the discretion of the planning board during site plan review.  The setbacks provided are adequate.


The bank interior will be visible from Biscayne Boulevard through large window walls on the north and west faces.  Windows on the south side will make the interior visible from NE 90th Street and allow monitoring of the drive-thru from within the bank.


A drive-up ATM provides some security to the user who does not need to leave their car to use the ATM.


Lighting will exceed the minimum standard for lighting.


Surveillance cameras provide coverage of the ATMs and the rear of the building.  No surveillance cameras are provided at the side or front of the building.




Planning and Zoning staff recommends APPROVAL of the site plan with a finding that it is consistent with the technical provisions of the Code.  However, the Planning Board must make a finding that the proposed improvements are harmonious with the community, as required in Section 523 of the Code and, in that regard, may add further conditions or delete or modify staff recommended conditions, deny the application, or continue the item for future consideration.  Should the board find that the applicant merits approval, staff recommends that the following conditions apply:


1)      Applicant to obtain all required building permits before beginning work.

2)      Applicant to obtain Miami-Dade Water and Sewer District approval before beginning work.

3)      Applicant to secure a DERM Tree Removal Permit before removing any existing trees.

4)      Applicant to comply with all applicable code provisions at the time of permitting.

5)      Applicant to provide two (2) handicap parking spaces in front of the bank that meet all applicable code requirements.

6)      Applicant to install surveillance cameras as shown on the plan to record activity around the ATM kiosks and bank of a quality to clearly identify persons on camera, and also to install cameras that capture the profile of those entering the bank.

7)      Applicant to add security cameras outside the building to record activity in front and outside the bank.

8)      Applicant to add lighting that goes beyond the minimum illumination requirement to make activity around the ATMs clearly visible at night, however lighting to be properly shielded to prevent direct light from being visible outside the property.

9)      Surveillance equipment and lighting to be installed prior to final approval by the building official.

10)  Not more than ten (10) percent of window area shall be covered by signs affixed to the window.

11)  This zoning permit will lapse and become invalid unless the work for which it was approved is started within one (1) year of the signing of the development order by the board chair, or if the work authorized by it is suspended or abandoned for a period of at least one (1) year.