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Lobbyist Registration

 Lobbyist Registration


Pursuant to Ordinance 656-06 , Lobbyist means any person directly or indirectly employed or retained, for compensation, to act on behalf of a principal for the purpose of seeking to influence any official action of the village by seeking to encourage the approval, defeat, or modification of any of the following:(1)Any ordinance, resolution, official action or official decision of the village council;(2)Any official action of any individual member or members of the village council (including, for example, those circumstances where individual council members may be afforded rights to appoint members of boards or committees);(3) Any official action, decision or recommendation of any village board, committee, or agency; and (4) Any official action, decision or recommendation of the village manager, or village department heads, with regard to any matter which foreseeably will be heard or reviewed by the village council or a village board, committee, or agency.



The above referenced section of our Village Code states that all lobbyists shall, before engaging in lobbying activities, register annually with the Village Clerk’s Office.



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