LimeBike Memorandum of Understanding

Lobbyist Registration


All individuals seeking to influence legislation or any official action or decision of the Miami Shores Village Council or its individual members, Village Boards, Village Manager, or Village Department Heads  are required to register as lobbyists with the Village Clerk  before engaging in any lobbying activity. 


 Pursuant to Ordinance 656-06 , all lobbyists shall, before engaging in lobbying activities, register annually with the Village Clerk’s Office. A $75 lobbyist registration fee may apply upon registering with the Village Clerk.





On July 1st of each year, registered lobbyists shall submit to the Village Clerk a signed statement under oath (Lobbying Expenditure Report), listing all lobbying expenditures in excess of $25 for the preceding calendar year. A Lobbyist shall not be required to submit a statement if there have been no expenditures during the reporting period (i.e. for the preceding calendar year).





Registration Form  


Expenditure Report Form


List of Registered Lobbyists


Miami-Dade County Lobbying Ordinance