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Investigation Section

Professional Standards Unit

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Investigation Section

The Investigation Section coordinates the on-scene investigations of major incidents; investigates crimes which require extended periods of time, expertise, or sensitivity; and conducts follow up to all crimes initiated through patrol reports.

Determine if a crime has, in fact, been committed.

  • Gather and preserve evidence.
  • Identify and apprehend the offender.
  • Recover stolen property.
  • Prepare cases which lead to the successful prosecution and conviction of the perpetrator. Rendering assistance to the crime victim is of paramount importance during all stages of an investigation.

Professional Standards Unit

The Professional Standards Unit works with the Village Human Resources Department to coordinate medical examinations, psychological evaluations, and background investigations for police employees.

Internal Affairs

To ensure that the integrity of the department is maintained, the Professional Standards Unit conducts extensive, impartial, objective investigations of all allegations of employee misconduct. These investigations are reviewed by the Chief of Police and the Command Staff, to determine possible employee misconduct or revisions of department procedures.

Records & Services Section

Records processes all police reports - entering data into a law enforcement automated data system and forwarding reports to proper agencies (State Attorney, Juvenile Probation, etc.). Records personnel are available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday to assist the public with questions, direct them to appropriate units, provide police reports, and assist in a variety of other services.

Police Reports

Available to the victim, parent, or legal representative of a victim of a crime. Positive identification is required. A fee per copy is charged. Please call to see if the report is available.

Vehicle Releases

Vehicles towed by the Police Department are released through Midtown Towing 305-754-1450. Proof of vehicle ownership and a valid driver's license are required to obtain a release. A fee is charged for all impounded vehicles (versus stored or recovered stolen vehicles). Any towing and storage fees are paid directly to the towing company. Property Releases Lost/Found Property: All found property is held at least 60 days unless claimed by the owner.


To claim property, you must have identification and a Miami Shores Police Department case number. Items held beyond the legal holding period will be discarded. Lost/stolen bicycles may be viewed by appointment only. Owners of lost/found property who can be identified will be notified by mail. Safekeeping Property legally seized by the Police Department, but not evidence in a case may be claimed Monday through Friday by appointment. Identification and an Miami Shores Police Department case number will be required. Evidence Property Property legally seized by the Police Department as evidence in a criminal case can only be released by The police officer/detective handling the case The State Attorney's Office A court order.


Victims may speak with detectives (305-759-2468) concerning the release of their property. At the request of you or your attorney, the State Attorney can complete the necessary forms to release property in adjudicated cases. Once the Miami Shores Police Department has been notified by the court of the property release order, Property personnel will gather the items and notify you when it can be returned. Identification of the person named on the court order is required for release.


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