LimeBike Memorandum of Understanding

Forms & Examples

Save a trip print forms at home. Forms and applications are in .pdf format.

Applications / Purpose

Site Plan & General Planning Board Application
Planning Board review including changes to residential, commercial or other structures, site modifications and changes of use.

Sign Application
Planning Board review of proposed signs.

Variance Application
Planning Board review of variance request.

Appeal to Village Council Application
Appeal to Council of Planning Board decision.

Appeal to Decision Application
Appeal to Planning Board of any decision, order or determination of any village administrative officer. Not for use when a specific application to appeal is available.

Paint Appeal Application
Appeal to Planning Board of the denial by a village administrative officer of a paint color.


Tentative and Final Plat Process


Planning Board Application Tentative Plat


Planning Board Application Final Plat


Forms / Description

Recording Declaration of Use
How to record a Declaration of Use.

Declaration of Use
A declaration recorded by the property owner that states the property will not be used in violation of any ordinance of Miami Shores Village now in effect or hereinafter enacted: and,
That the property will only be used for one single-family residence.

Country Record Handout
Miami-Dade County Recorder handout, how to record a document.


Handouts & Examples /Description

Survey Example
Surveys must be submitted with most applications. Surveys must be accurate and represent current conditions on the site.

Building Elevations
Building elevations must be submitted with many applications.

Residential Fence & Wall Standards
Fence and wall location and height are regulated by the zoning code.

Corner Lot Zoning Standards
Corner lots have special zoning requirements in addition to provisions that apply to all lots.

Interior Lot Zoning Standards
An interior lot is regulated by the zoning code and may come under additional state requirements.

Residential Driveway Standards
Driveways are regulated by the zoning code and are affected by site specific conditions.

Sign Examples
Examples of the sign detail that must be submitted with the sign appliction.

Parking Lot Design Standards
Parking Lot Design Standards Parking lot space and driveway dimensions.