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Library Archives

The Miami Shores Archives consists of a collection of artifacts, photographs, newspaper clippings, public records, books, and other historical materials pertaining to the history of Miami Shores Village, Miami-Dade County, and Florida. These materials have been gathered from several sources.



The greatest amount of material comes from the collection of long time Village Manager Lawton McCall, and Dr. Thelma Peters, a historian who specialized in the history of the county. Other sources include: Brockway Memorial Library, Miami Shores Village, and several individual donations. Many of the materials date from 1925.



In 1999, as part of the fiftieth anniversary celebration of Brockway Memorial Library, these materials were gathered and sorted by volunteers and library staff. More than one hundred site files, over five hundred real estate advertisements and many photographs, books and other miscellaneous items were processed. When the North Dade Medical Foundation Media Center was completed, the archives, which had been temporarily housed at Village Hall, were brought to their new and permanent headquarters.


Miami Shores Archives Online 

In 2018, with help from the Digital Collections Team at FIU and a grant from SEFLIN, library staff began the important work of digitizing this historical collection, which can be viewed at .


Archives Sketch 

The archives are an ongoing project. Their purpose is to serve as a research tool for those interested in the history of Miami Shores, and to make its residents aware of this "treasure". Through donations and other sources, the collection continues to grow. These materials are available to the public by appointment.