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Local Business Tax Receipts



Local Business Tax Receipts

(Formerly Occupational Licenses)

The Village’s Code of Ordinances requires that anyone engaging in or managing any business within Miami Shores obtain a Local Business Tax Receipt.  The cost of the license varies depending upon the type of business which is being operated and a complete listing of the fees and the regulations related to issuance of a Business Tax Receipt is contained in Chapter 14 of the Village’s Code of Ordinances.  According to the Village’s Code, the renting of living accommodations also requires that a Business Tax Receipt be obtained and a different application form is used for rental properties. 


When applying for a Local Business Tax Receipt for a business, the following documents must be included along with the completed application;

  1. A copy of a principal of the firm’s driver’s license. 

  2. A copy of the firm’s registration with the Florida Secretary of State (i.e. Corporation, Limited Partnership, Fictitious Name Filings, etc.

  3. Copy of Professional License (i.e. CPA license, physician license, nursing license, beautician’s license, insurance agent license, mortgage broker’s license, realtor’s license, contractor’s license, etc.)


A separate Business Tax Receipt is required for each individual holding a State issued professional license.  For example if three physicians practice out of one office, each physician is required to have their own Business Tax Receipt. 


A number of Village Departments and County Agencies must review and approve the application prior to issuance. 


If you are renting out a home or apartment, a copy of the property owner’s driver’s license is required and should be forwarded to the Code Compliance Department along with the application and payment.  


Applications may be obtained from the Code Compliance Department or the Village Clerk.  Should you have any questions regarding the issuance of Local Business Tax Receipts,please contact 305-795-2207