LimeBike Memorandum of Understanding

Request for Relief

Miami Shores Code of Ordinance allows our residents to Request Relief; it will allow you to meet with our Code Board to discuss the lowering of the total amount of fines due on Code Enforcement cases. Your property must first be clear of any current violations with the Code Enforcement Department and pay any current administrative fees due.

You can then download an application or pick one up at Village Hall and schedule yourself with our Code Department (see schedule below). Only one offer will be discussed at each meeting. There’s no guarantee the offer will be accepted so make your most respectable offer.

Again if your offer is not accepted you will have to wait to the next scheduled meeting to make another offer. Once the accepted offer has been paid the Code Department will schedule a Release of Lien to be recorded by Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts.

Request for Relief Meeting Dates, Checklist & Application