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Liangy Fernandez-Calli

Liangy Calli


Liangy Fernandez-Calli


My name is Liangy Fernandez-Calli. I am running for Miami Shores Village Council because my family and I are vested in our community. Over the last twelve years of my residency, I have made it my priority to be active and involved in our community for our four children and quality of life.


Recently, I joined the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and for the past two years, I have also served as President of the Parent Association at Miami Shores Presbyterian Church School where two of my children attend. In this role, I organized the first Arts Festival in our community, now in its third year. This experience has given me great insight into how our community values our schools.


As a council member, I will offer my knowledge and determination to advance the quality of education, our public safety, our cultural understanding, our social dialogue, and transparency in our village. I am dedicated to serving your needs and to seeing that our actions on the Council are: fair, fiscally responsible, and beneficial to all residents of our village. I will be Your Voice for Your Village. Learn more about my experience and my candidacy at