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Eddie Lewis

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Eddie Lewis 


Vote April 18, 2017.


I have been a resident of Miami Shores for 29 years and seen very few changes in the way our community is governed. Our city was established over 85 years ago and has been surpassed financially and developmentally by cities that were recently established. As our nation changes, we too must make changes to accomplish our growing and divisive community. I would like to revamp our business to encourage commerce to get established our economy. I will reduce Waste in the city spending starting with removal of salaries for city employees and instituting salary caps; and continue to review the city Spending etc.


Issues that I support:

-Listening to resident concerns and properly to address and resolve them

-Protect job of city workers for Miami Shores

-Fair code enforcement for me, for all of Miami Shores

-Gather community input documents ideas and present them to community for a change

-Improve the varieties and numbers of business/office and commercial tenants in Miami Shores

-Keep the village beautiful so the new homeowners can come in


Vote for Eddie Lewis.