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Steven Zelkowitz


Steven W. Zelkowitz


Miami Shores Village is our oasis with a quality of life unparalleled in South Florida. My goals are to protect Miami Shores from irrational growth in order to safeguard our standard of living. Smart growth that will lower our taxes is what I will champion to ensure our community maintains its integrity with quality businesses reflecting our way of life and neighborhoods we are proud to call home.


I have lived in Miami Shores for 16 years with my wife, Allison Nash-Zelkowitz, who has lived here since age 5. Our 11 year-old twin girls are proud to call Miami Shores home.


I am a real estate and governmental attorney who served as counsel to dozens of South Florida municipalities, and developed a keen understanding of how local government works. I also have a Master’s Degree in City Planning.


My public service is deep seated. I served on the Historic Preservation Board and currently serve on the Planning and Zoning Board, to which I was unanimously appointed by the Village Council. I will continue my legacy of public service to the Village as a Councilmember so we can make it the ultimate community where we all Live, Work and Play!