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Ivonne Ledesma

Ivonne Ledesma

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Ivonne Ledesma serves our community enthusiastically as a Miami Shores Village Councilmember and has lived in Miami Shores since 2003.


As your representative since 2013, Ivonne proposed more initiatives than all other councilmembers combined. She lobbied tenaciously on behalf of the Village's interests and welfare in Tallahassee, a place she knows well as a graduate of Florida State University. She also holds a Master’s Degree in International Administration from the University of Miami.


Ivonne has owned a small business and worked as a personal financial consultant. She enjoys membership in many organizations in Miami Shores, including the Woman’s Cancer Associations of UM, Woman’s Club, Chamber of Commerce, Village People, Police Retirement Pension Board, and League of Women Voters and is involved in fundraising for Doctor’s Charter School.


In her next term, Ivonne will continue to promote transparency through a receptive and responsive government. She is calling for a fiscally responsible budget, environmentally friendly initiatives, support for police department to create a safer community, redevelopment of the community center, and revitalization of downtown, while preserving our village’s charm and small town feel. Ivonne is a respected and proud member of our community.