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When do I need a Permit?

When do I need a Permit?

Any construction or alteration to properties in Miami Shores requires a Building Permit except for any pressure cleaning.  You can obtain a permit application at the Building Department located at Village Hall or can download a copy here.

Permits are usually required for interior and exterior construction, plumbing and water supply work, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical work and exterior painting.  Accessory structures (shed, pools, satellite dishes, etc.) also require permits. A permit is needed when the owner wants to add something or change the location of something on the property. Before proceeding with any work, please check with the Building Department at (305) 795-2204.

What do I need when I submit a Permit?

Here is a checklist of things you will need when submitting a Permit:
  • Permit Application (signed by person performing the work, licensed contractor and the property owner, both signatures notarized).
  • Two sets of plans/drawings signed and sealed by registered architect or engineer. Occupancies by Group Classification must be on plans and permit application. All plans must include folio number and property address. Amended plans, in addition to the above, must also include permit number.
  • Structural Calculations signed and sealed by architect or engineer when applicable.
  • Current survey of the property.
  • Certificate of Elevation signed and sealed by Surveyor.
  • FOUR sets of energy calculations, signed and sealed
  • Two sets of signed and sealed Truss Plans (Engineer).
  • Dade County or State of Florida Products Approvals for roof materials, sheds, windows, exterior/garage doors, aluminum carports, screen enclosures, shutters awnings, skylights, French doors and etc.
  • Approvals from HRS, Dade County Impact Fee Section, Fire Department & Health Department (when applicable). DERM
  • Warranty Deed or Other Proof of Ownership if necessary.
  • Structural Review Fee of $50
  • Notice of Commencement - Click Here to Download a Copy.

For a Building Permit, here is a Contractors Registration Checklist

  • Copy of current OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE from county or municipality where business is located.
  • Certificate of Insurance for LIABILITY (addressed to Miami Shores Village).
  • Certificate of Insurance for WORKER'S COMP (addressed to Miami Shores Village) or if exempt.
  • State of Florida LES Form BCY-204, Construction Industry Notice of Election to be Exempt.