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The Miami Shores Village Council met on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 to conduct their Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Budget Workshop.  The Workshop was called to order in the Conference Room of Village Hall at 6:00 PM with the following members present:





 Al Davis

Prospero Herrera

Hunt Davis

Herta Holly

Steve Loffredo


Tom Benton, Village Manager

Barbara Estep, Village Clerk

Holly Hugdahl, Acting Finance Director and

Lisa Keeley, also from the Finance Department


Mayor Davis called the Workshop Meeting to order, reviewed a number of procedural issues related to the meeting format, and then introduced Mr. Benton, who offered introductory remarks that had been contained in the Budget Message.  Mr. Benton stated that due to another decline in property values and other revenue sources, the Administration began evaluating the anticipated revenues versus the departmental expenses.  In comparing the two figures, the budget was initially out of balance by approximately $1.1 million.   Through a combination of savings due to a hiring freeze and careful spending, as well as the increase in millage effective October, 2009, the budget is balanced with few programming or service cuts.  Mr. Benton indicated that the budget contains a General Fund budget of $12,205,926.  Mr. Benton stated that the Sanitation and Stormwater fees will remain at the current levels for the new fiscal year beginning October 1, 2010.    


Mr. Benton reviewed the Village’s revenue projections and responded to Council questions regarding the stated projections. 


The Village Council reviewed the following individual Departmental Budgets, with Mr. Benton and the Department Heads advising the Council of the various changes to the individual budgets and responded to questions posed by the Council Members.   There was discussion regarding the increases in worker’s compensation and risk management line items.  Finance Staff advised the Council that the figures were more in line with what the actual costs should be, with the total premium costs reallocated between all of the departments using accepted industry formulas.   There were no suggested amendments made to the presented budgets.


Planning & Zoning

Building Department

Code Enforcement



Police Department

Public Works           

Mayor & Council

Village Attorney

Village Clerk

Finance Department

Village Manager



At the conclusion of the departmental reviews, it was the consensus of the Council to propose leaving the millage rate at 8.0.   


The Council thanked the staff for their work in preparing the budget document.


The Council Budget Workshop on the proposed Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Operating Budget and Capital Budget was adjourned at 8:00 PM.