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At the regular Council meeting on Tuesday, January 17, 2017, the Village Council approved a resolution to place a bond referendum on the April 2017 election ballot for an amount up to $20 million to secure funding for a new Community Center. The Village Council instructed staff to begin researching the possibility of constructing a new community center in 2015. Subsequent to that directive, staff has visited numerous municipalities that have completed construction of new community centers. During the site visits, we quickly learned that each municipality had built too small a facility and recommended that we bring in a recreation consultant to assist us with this project.


Ballard* King & Associates was engaged by the Village and is a well-respected firm that specializes in recreation development. Ballard* King & Associates has done an extensive study on this proposed project which can be found below. At the present time, we are in the CONCEPTUAL phase of the project, meaning that the proposed floor plan and outside elevations are subject to change. This website will provide current information regarding the new community center project as it becomes available and will be updated periodically as new information is obtained. 


If the bond referendum passes during the April election, the Village will solicit bids from qualified architectural/engineering design firms to begin the final design of the project. During this time, there will be ample time for residents to provide input before a final design decision is made. This project is a work in progress and the appropriate steps have been, and will be taken to ensure that the process follows the applicable steps for such an endeavor.


Should you have any questions concerning the proposed new community center, please contact Interim Recreation Director, Angela Dorney at 305-758-8103.



1. Community Center Feasibility Study Final Report 07 29 16 


2. New Community Center Meeting Presentation 1/13/16


3. Results of the Community Center Needs Assessment Survey


4. Below is a list of the meetings, workshops and Council presentations that involved the New Community Center. You may click on the date for a link to the video of the meeting, if it is available or the minutes of the meeting, if available.


January 29, 2015          Presentation to the Miami Shores Village Recreation Board     Minutes

May 20, 2015               Public Workshop held at the Community Center

November 17, 2015      Council Workshop with discussion on new Community Center     Minutes

January 13, 2016          Public Meeting held at the Community Center

May 26, 2016               Presentation to the Miami Shores Village Council     Minutes 

June 21, 2016              Presentation to the Miami Shores Village Council     Minutes

January 3, 2017           Village Council meeting    Minutes

January 17, 2017         Village Council meeting     Minutes


5. Click here for cost estimate for the new Community Center Building.

6. Click here for the Bessemer Property Agreement.


In order to reduce the total General Obligation Bond Debt Service tax increase, the Village Council will vote on a proposal to pay off the current Aquatic Center Bond which will save an estimated $48 for the average assessed home value of $229,112. You may use this number as an approximation to reduce the tax estimate calculated below for the new community center on your property's Debt Service tax bill.


To obtain the assessed value of your property, please visit the Miami Dade County Tax Collector's Office by clicking here. Enter your name or address to view your last tax notice which lists the assessed value of your property.


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