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N.E. 96th Street Checkpoint Statement

Over the last several days, we have received a few inquiries relative to why we use a checkpoint at 96th street & N.E. 10th Avenue in lieu of other preventative patrol tactics. Many factors are considered when evaluating the tactics used to effectively deploy resources. The strength of the storm. The storms angle of approach. Rain estimates. Storm surge. The extent of damage after the storm andpower outages are all considered.

The use of a checkpoint in this location is both effective and efficient for the safety of all residents and aids in the response and recovery from the storm. Because access to the area can be controlled at a single point, when we initiate an alpha/bravo schedule additional resources are generally not needed in the area and can be used to assist in other labor-intensive activities such as traffic control at major intersections or for the distribution of ice and water to residents. With a general staffing of 15 officers on a typical alpha/bravo shift, having two officers at the checkpoint leaves 13 officers to patrol the remaining areas of the Village and perform other needed recovery activities.

The safety and recovery of the Village and our residents is our primary concern. In past storms, we have had many people who wanted to “come see the damage” place themselves in danger with the number of live wires down, get themselves trapped in unfamiliar streets, or in a case that occurred after a previous storm – drive their vehicle into the bay through the railing at Bayfront Park.

As we begin to resume normal operations, we will continue to work hard towards helping all of our residents recover from the impacts of Hurricane Irma.